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Partners in Heart Health




Partners in Heart Health is a nonprofit organization that compassionately serves residents of New Mexico by providing education and training, along with funding in the cardiovascular field, to support the development of their hope and future.


RESPECT – We are committed to respecting ourselves and others, to foster an environment of teamwork and growth.


INTEGRITY – We are committed to an environment of consistency and honesty.


TRANSPARENCY – We are committed to humility in success, transparency in failure, and openness to feedback.


COLLABORATION – We are committed to pursuing opportunities for collaboration to assure the highest level of personalized services for our clients.


FEARLESSNESS – We are committed to taking the necessary risks for a bright future.


ACCEPTANCE – We are committed to accepting everyone, recognizing their unique contributions to our efforts to serve others.


LEADERSHIP – We are committed to providing dedicated support and a positive influence, creating an environment in which others can develop and prosper in their own personal goals.

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Partners in Heart Health

1619 Skyline Circle

Suite A

Carlsbad, NM 88220

(575) 302-1666

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